Heavenly – The Dark Memories

July 26, 2009

Today’s MSMOTD Heavenly – The Dark Memories (buy this song) I’m not sure why, but most Power Metal comes from places with lots of snow and hair and leather.  Germany and Finland come to mind.  Northern Europe in general.  Heavenly, however, are from sunny France!  I don’t know if they’re seen as traitors in their [...]


DGM – The Alliance

July 5, 2009

Today’s MSMOTD DGM – The Alliance (from “Different Shapes”) Funny story about these guys.  DGM has been around for a long time, having released their first albums in the 90s as a purely instrumental band.  “DGM” are the initials of the 3 founding members, none of whom are still in the band, hahaha.  Despite this [...]


Dredg – Same Ol’ Road

June 25, 2009

Today’s MSMOTD Dredg – Same Ol’ Road Man I have spent hours and hours agonizing over this one, trying to decide which song to feature.  Dredg has such a varied and unique style that while any song is immediately identifiable as Dredg, none really encapsulates their sound entirely.  Dredg is an American prog/alternative rock band [...]