Imogen Heap – 2-1

August 26, 2009

Today’s MSMOTD Imogen Heap – 2-1 (buy this song) Imogen Heap, an English singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist from London, has a really distinctive sound and an even more distinctive name.  I had assumed it was some artsy-fartsy assumed name for her musical endeavours (sort of like how Celldweller’s “Klayton” was actually born Scott Albert), but not so!  Imogen [...]


Gypsy and The Cat – Jona Vark

August 19, 2009

Today’s MSMOTD Gypsy and The Cat – Jona Vark (download this song) I have a real soft spot for 80′s pop.  Hall & Oates, Toto, The Outfield etc etc are all wonderful, with simple, catchy melodies, bright instrumentation and pleasing vocal harmonies.  They make great summer driving music, and so I was really excited to [...]


Owl City – On The Wing

May 31, 2009

Today’s MSMOTD Owl City – On The Wing (from 2008′s “Maybe I’m Dreaming”) Discovering new music is one of my greatest joys in life.  That’s really why I decided to start this blog – so that I can share this joy with you.  Today’s MSMOTD, by Owl City, is that joy put to music.  A [...]