Retail outlets carrying “Mons”

December 16, 2009
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Well, most of my school stuff is done so hopefully I can soon concentrate on my music again.  I’ve been working on a number of new songs that I’m excited to start recording!  Probably get to that sometime in January, as I’ll be in Vancouver over Christmas.

The truly exciting news is that my cd is now available at retail outlets all throughout Winnipeg.  I know, it doesn’t help those of you who live in other (warmer) parts of the world, but you guys can still buy via the website here!  If you do live in Winnipeg and don’t want to purchase through the website, you can now buy my cd at the following stores:

  • McNally Robinson (Polo and Grant Park locations)
  • The Light Bookstore  (on Pembina)
  • Indigo Bookstore (Kenaston)
  • CD Plus (Polo)
  • Into The Music
  • Music Trader
  • Prairie Sky Books
  • Mandarin International (at The Forks – Johnston Terminal)
  • Chapters (in January)

Typically it’s being stocked in the Easy Listening or Local Music sections, though I did notice that McNally had put a few into Pop (?!?).  I don’t make as much on these consignment sales, but it does help to get the word out about my music, so if you’re looking for a cd, do go down to one of these places and pick it up!  They make excellent christmas gifts.

Also, look for the return of the MSMOTDs in the new year.

Have a happy holiday!

- Mons

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Updates and CD Signing/Performance

November 27, 2009
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Hey guys, just a quick update.  The CD has been selling really well, which is fantastic!  Thanks so much to everyone who’s given me such positive feedback on the album.  The original printing sold out in 2 days, and the latest shipment of another 1000 cds is coming in today.

Besides here on my website, the cds are starting to be available at retail outlets in Winnipeg and hopefully eventually through Canada and the USA.  I’m working on several distribution options.  I’ll be selling the MP3s from here as well as on iTunes etc.  In Winnipeg, you can now purchase the cd at The Light bookstore (Unit 17, 2077 Pembina, Winnipeg) and hopefully soon at Chapters bookstores. I’ll update as more places start carrying the cd.

I will be at a Christmas Craft Sale on Saturday the 28th of November selling/signing my cd and doing a few performances.  Here’s a bit more information about the sale (it’s at the Winnipeg Centre Vineyard on Main).  Stop by if you have a few minutes and say hello, pick up a cd and check out the other 50 artists and artisans who will be displaying and selling their fantastic work as well.

For more timely updates and information, follow me on twitter, or become a fan on facebook.

Hope to see you all there,

- Mons

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New Album: Released, but someone stole my name!

November 2, 2009

Update: Looks like I’ll be keeping my artist name as Mons (since it is my actual name).  Hooray!

Well after many years, the new album is done, printed and available for sale.   I had a hugely successful album release over the weekend and sold almost all of the first printing of the cd.  I’m ecstatic at the wonderful reception it has been getting.

Purchase the album (and listen to samples) on the album page.  Also, check out the awesome artwork from the cd cover!

Cover art for the Mons self-titled album

Cover art for the "Mons" self-titled album

There is a bit of a snag however.  Before I can release the album into widespread distribution (iTunes, Amazon etc), I have to resolve a small issue.  Another artist, located in Washington D.C., decided a while back that “Mons” would be a fantastic name for his experimental electronica project.  His name isn’t Mons (mine is), but as far as I know since he’s been using it to sell cds for some years now, he can claim it as a trademark.  As far as I know, this doesn’t stop me from using my own name, but it does create some confusion in regards to searching for my music on iTunes, or musician profiles on cdbaby etc (if he’s already, then what would I name my profile?)

So, either I need to somehow convince this guy to release the trademark and stop using my name (Mons), or I need to come up with another name under which to make music.  If any trademark/copyright lawyers want to contact me with suggestions, feel free.

Also, if you have suggestions on what I should call myself if I need to change names, leave a comment and let me know!  “Mons” was so perfect.  I’m rather heartbroken that someone has co-opted my name for their own endeavours.

I can still sell the albums myself of course.  So, if you would like to purchase a cd (which may become a special collector’s item if I am forced to change my artistic name), then head over to the album page or click the button at the top of the side bar on the right!

Thanks, and enjoy!

- Mons