Mons – Piano Improv Alpha

August 19, 2009

I now have use of a decent dv camera, so I hope to record and post some video of my live performances, playing and improvisation.  I’m hoping to get a decent mic so that I can do video of my playing a real piano, as my style with a weighted keyboard is quite different than with an el-cheapo keyboard like the one in my video.   Anyways, here’s the first of hopefully many live improv videos!

(If the embedded youtube clip isn’t working, you can watch it on vimeo: )

As always, comments are welcome! This is my first attempt with the camera and basic video editing, so if something is off quality-wise or whatever, don’t hesitate to make a suggestion!

- Mons

One Response to “Mons – Piano Improv Alpha”

  1. I loved this piece, Mons. Absolutely loved it. I really like this idea of posting your improvs, because now I can hear every note instead of straining to catch faint snippets over the roar of a blender, haha. I have written a poem inspired by this piece, entitled “The Clock”, which will be posted soon.