The Unnamed Melody Contest Results

July 19, 2009

Mons – Silhouettes

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Wow, the response to the contest to name “The Unnamed Melody” that I posted last week was much greater than I expected! I got a lot of emails and messages with suggestions along with the comments on the post itself. I’m really happy that the song was able to evoke such differing responses in listeners. So, thank you all for listening to my little song and participating in the contest!

I enjoyed reading all of the ideas, names and images that people conjured up from my music, and many of them were really fantastic. Unfortunately, I can only give the song one name so after a lot of deliberation and playing my song in repeat while reading the entries, I’ve chosen“Sillhouettes” as the new name for the previously unnamed melody.  I liked that it was short and simple, but also carried a lot of emotion behind it.  I also like that it still remains open for personal interpretation, so a listener can hear the song, read the title and still bring forth their own emotions and thoughts on what the song means.  I thought the story behind the name was really lovely too, capturing some of my own inspiration, so thanks Doreen for the great suggestion!  I owe you a theme song!

Due to the wonderful response to the song, I’ve also decided to do a second song for another winner.  I can’t name the song twice, but I can give an award for excellent participation and providing inspiration for future songs!  So, SharaLee, I’ll be doing a little song for you as well.  I’m going to choose one of your many excellent suggestions and use it as inspiration for the tune.

I’ll contact the winners and will post the songs (if they agree) on the site when they’re done!

Thanks again everyone for listening to my music and helping me choose a name.  Getting feedback like this is really inspirational and drives me to write more music.  Check back for more new music in the near future!

- Mons

3 Responses to “The Unnamed Melody Contest Results”

  1. I’m sure whatever you write will be absolutely beautiful, so of course I agree. And thanks, by the way. I’m honoured. I’m glad I could help inspire your gift. :)

  2. Thank you Mons, I am looking forward to the theme song from you. hahaha, honk! honk! honkhonkhonk!!!!

  3. I have come late but as soon as I heard this song the word ( reflections) came to mind. It is a beautiful melody.:>}