Sebastian – Ross Ross Ross

July 28, 2009

Today’s MSMOTD

Sebastian – Ross Ross Ross (from 2008′s “Productions and Remixes”)

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Today we will dive ears-first into the incestuous waters of the French Electro scene!  Dance music as a genre has always been a little too eager with the remixes and remixes of the remixes and 4-person collaborations, but electro, while being awesome, is one of the worst sub-genres for this.  Sebastian is at the dirty, pulsating heart of this musical orgy, a rising star in the world of electro and one of the premiere artists on the Ed Banger label (also home to fellow french Electrists Justice and Mr. Oizo).  He’s from Boulogne, France and has released an album’s worth of original tracks and several albums worth of really crazy remixes.  I say crazy because Sebastian has a very distinct and interesting sound.  It’s the kind of music you might see Optimus Prime dancing to in a club on Cybertron – Transformer Dance Music.  It’s crunchy (like metal being crushed in a compressor crunchy), and glitchy and funky and rough and dark and yet infinitely danceable.  Imagine a collaboration between Soundwave and zombie Michael Jackson recorded in a steel foundry and you’re beginning to get the idea.  The Wiki article calls it “Futurist” but I don’t know what that means so I prefer my description.  I mean, the MSMOTD even sounds like the Transformers “transform” sound effect!

Real transformers smoke and never wash their hair.

Real transformers smoke and never wash their hair.

Ross Ross Ross, from the album of the same name (released 2008) is not your average dance track, or even your average french electro track.  It is the sound of the future of music kicking in your front door and elbow dropping you in the face while you sleep.  It builds and deconstructs itself simultaneously, accompanied by swooping strings and an irresistible beat which provides no options other than dance, or if you are listening at a coffee shop on your laptop, head-bobbing and slight torso wiggling.  When John Travolta’s cryogenically preserved brain is inevitably implanted into a giant Japanese robot for the filming of Saturday Night Fever 3000 vs. MechaGodzilla, this will be playing during the final dance-fight scene where Travoltabot destroys MechaGodzilla with his killer robot dance moves and teeth-mounted smirkbeam of death.  I know the beginning is abrasive, but keep with it.  My favourite moment comes at 2:40 (where Travoltabot slow-motion kicks a baddy in the face whilst simultaneously wooing Goldie Tron and reversing the course of time itself).  Ok, I’ve gotten a little off track here.  The song might take a bit to get into, but persevere and you will be rewarded.  Clips from the song also make wonderful ring tones!  I adore the glitchy breakdowns that happen several times throughout the song.

(Another Sebastian original – Momy, from the “Motor” EP.  I believe it was used in Midnight Club: Los Angeles.)

Let’s talk now about Sebastian and his remixes.  These are the gateway drugs into Sebastian’s original work, since they tend to be a bit more accessible.  The first one I’ve put below is his remix of Kelis – Bossy (link goes to the original on youtube).  The original song is very popular, and this remix is unique in that it actually sounds somewhat like the original.  However, while still retaining the heart of the song, Sebastian has kicked things up about 1000% and changed the song from a throwaway, bouncy, light little hip hop tune into a thundering, funky, crunchy and incredibly slick dance explosion.  If they played this kind of stuff at clubs, I would go dancing every night.

The next is a KILLER remix of Mylo’s Paris 400.  Unlike the Bossy remix, this remix is quite different from the original – a cute warbly little dance piece with some female vocals and bubbly melody.  Check out the original: Mylo – Paris 400 then compare it to the remix below.  Instead of being the soundtrack to a vespa ride past the Louvre and Eiffel Tower on an autumn day, Sebastian’s remix is the score to your panicked flight through the darkened, shadowy streets of the 18th arrondissement, hopelessly running for your life from Vampire Arnold Schwarzenegger.  If I were actually going to hunt someone down, Running Man-style, this would be the soundtrack.

Those two are pretty accessible, but it is this last remix which is the most amazing.  Sebastian’s remix of Revl9n’s Walking Machine is nothing short of genius.  Before listening to the remix, check out the original.  Then watch the video below as Sebastian rips the original song to shreds and rebuilds it from the ground up into a ROBOT TANK OF DEATH.  I bet you didn’t even know that songs could be turned into tanks, much less robotic tanks, but it’s true.  Sebastian has done it.  Not only is Sebastian’s remix immeasurably superior to the original, but it’s also an utterly different song!  One which kicks your ass and mine too.  I didn’t begin to appreciate this song until after I already liked Ross Ross Ross and the remixes above, but now it’s right up there as one of my favourites.

(Remember what I said about the incestuous nature of Electro?  This is actually a remix of Sebastian’s remix done by Mr. Tortazo.  It adds in the (very clever) video editing and shortens the song by about 1.5 minutes.  You can hear the full thing on youtube.)

There is no doubt in my mind that Sebastian is before his time.  This is the music of the future, and I can only hope that he keeps producing and others follow suit.  I hope you dig this stuff as much as I have been!  Let me know what you think in the comments.

- Mons

More music from Sebastian

Kelis – Bossy (Sebastian Remix) (buy this song)

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Mylo – Paris Four Hundred (Sebastian Remix)

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Support Sebastian (and me!) by buying his “Remixes” album from! Unfortunately, “Ross Ross Ross (Productions and Remixes)” is not available on Amazon as far as I can tell. You can download Revl9n – Walking Machine (Sebastian Remix) though.

5 Responses to “Sebastian – Ross Ross Ross”

  1. Yes, I agree.
    I electro is quite refreshing.
    Thanks Mons

  2. Um, this is just slightly AWESOME! I listened to this in my British History class and I looked around. There were five people. I didn’t care. It was like: dance party. Here. Now. Go! (Okay, there was mostly just the aforementioned “head-bobbing” and “torso wiggling”, but still). LOVED the MSMOTD. The remix for Paris 400 was pretty awesome too. The other two weren’t really my cup o’ tea, but dude, this guy knows how to JAM!
    Also, this was exceptionally Transformerific, and one wonders if a certain music video (which shall remain nameless) had any sort of influence in your decision…
    Once again, great choice (I’m still rocking out here, just so you know :D )

  3. Whatever it is you enjoy in music, it seems I enjoy the same, even across genres. Thanks Mons.

  4. Thanks Terath, I’m really happy people dig the same stuff as me! And Antikx, totally! When I first heard Ross Ross Ross, I was a bit confused at first, but then it was like a breath of fresh air washed over me and a new world opened up before my eyes!

    Haha, I don’t think I could handle listening to this music in class (you have British History class in the summer? Why do you torture yourself so?). It’s totally transformerlicious isn’t it? I’ve been industrious of late and actually wrote this one up a while back, but that video that was posted by a certain someone was a surprising coincidence!

  5. Haha, that, my friend, is a question I have repeatedly asked myself since the course began, to no avail. I still have no idea. And yet I know this will all happen again next summer. Perhaps it’s like drugs, haha. :P Seriously? That’s a pretty sweet coincidence!