Mons – Silhouettes

July 14, 2009

Today’s MSMOTD

Mons – Silhouettes

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UPDATE: I’ve chosen “Sillhouettes” as the name for the previously “Unnamed Melody”.  Thanks Doreen and everyone else who gave suggestions and feedback!  See the full contest results here.

This is a song I wrote a week or two ago for piano, cello/viola and choir.  It’s a sad tune, something for which I seem to have a knack.  I have no idea why, to be honest.  A lot of my music comes to me from a place beyond my ken.  It arrives and I have no choice but to set it down as notes, music, recordings.  Like so much of my music, this one arrived in the depths of the night… Perhaps when my conscious mind is less able to prevent my subconscious from bridging the gap between the real world and the (my?) dream world.  My world of music.

A humble church on the Greek island of Santorini

A humble church on the Greek island of Santorini

The song still needs a lot of work.  Like other songs I’ve posted here, this is just an initial sketch.  The cello/viola part needs reworking, the choir might be replaced by a deeper-register cello, who knows.  So, constructive criticism is welcome!  I have no trouble coming up with melodies and harmonies, but engineering/producing my music is a real hurdle for me.  I can make music, but I struggle to make my music sound GOOD.  Like I am a poetry master, but I have trouble using a pencil.  Anyone know any good intro books on music production?

That brings me to The Contest!  As you can see, the song doesn’t have a name!  Whatever breaks through from my subconscious to give me melody occasionally does not at the same time provide a title for the tune.  So, I’m hoping that my music can inspire imagery in one of my listeners to the point that an appropriate name surfaces.  Give me your suggestions in the comments along with an explanation, and if one of the entries strikes my fancy, I’ll come up with a suitable reward.  Perhaps a little theme/fanfare for the winner?  Everyone should have their own mini theme, like television characters.  Something they can hum as they walk into a room.

So, check out the song and let me know your thoughts on an appropriate name!  Hope you like it.

As always, you can find more of my music on the My Music page.

- Mons

13 Responses to “Mons – Silhouettes”

  1. I think you’re crazy if you think you can’t make good music. Absolutely certifiably insane. This is one of the most beautiful pieces of music I have ever heard (and thanks to you, I’ve heard quite a few). I don’t know much about producing music, but my uncle does. I could get some pointers from him for you for sure, next time I see him. As for poetry, I’m not so good with pencils myself (I use a pen: they’re great :D ). Okay, so for my submission to “The Contest”, I’m going to say that this to me sounds like someone’s midnight trek through some really beautiful secluded woods and across the occasional field, with maybe some mist rising here and there beneath a full moon, thinking about someone. The choir (which I think you should keep) sounds like stars (if that makes sense: have you ever thought you could hear them singing?), and so I have two suggestions here. One is merely “beneath the stars”, but I thought there’s that element of someone remembering or thinking of someone else (at least to me) and so I am also going to suggest “beneath the stars (alone with you)”. Beautiful piece. Absolutely beautiful.

  2. Wow! Another beautiful piece. You have such a God-given gift of being able to speak poetry in the sphere! What talent.

    As SharaLee says, you’re absolutely insane to say that your music is in any shape or form inadequate.

    These are publishable and recordable and top-ten-able music.

    While the cello and the piano complement each other, but each has a separate and distinct flavour and goal which, as I said, are complementary to each other.

    How does “Parallel Dreams” or “Heart Journeys”, or “Tender Moments”.

    Keep the notes coming,


  3. I just thought of another couple titles for this:
    “disconsolate elysium”, for that bittersweetness, or “firmament confessional” for that feeling of being so small beneath the stars.

  4. Nice suggestions so far. :) I already have a “Beneath the Ice”, so I could do a whole album of “Beneath the …” songs.

  5. Sunlight Through the Fog

    Just the mental image I get from the song. It reminds me of winter mornings in my hometown.

  6. when I listened it, this is the image that came to mind: There are two lovers who have misunderstood each other. The man leaves on a rainy night after they had a fight. As the man walks in the garden, he gazes at a window looking inside, while his gf stood inside, in front of the same window.
    The rain is flowing down the window, and he even can’t see her face, just a hazy bod. He loved her and didn’t want to leave and the girl didn’t want him to leave either. She stands in front of the window and cries very hard, with the tears mixing with the rain against the window. She also is staring outside, but she can’t see him. So the name of the song is Silhouettes.

  7. This song is very beautiful! I haven’t taken the time to listen to your music ’til now, but I shall start listening to more!

    The image that comes to my mind when I hear this song is someone standing on a mountaintop, looking around at the lower peaks and valleys below. The person has finally reached this mountaintop after a long journey and is now pondering where to go next.

    So the titles I came up with are “Surveying the Landscape” or “Pondering Next Steps”.

  8. Thanks Cheri! I’m glad you finally checked out my music and for the thoughtful suggestions. :) I hope you enjoy the rest of my stuff! Let me know if there’s anything which you particularly enjoy.

    Wonderful imagery, Doreen! It’s interesting how there are so many different interpretations of the same song. I’m looking forward to reading more entries. Choosing my favourite will be tough. :D

  9. I came across this poem by Emily Dickinson the other day, and it really reminded me of your song. I’m not sure there’s a title in here anywhere, but since I just found it so fitting, I thought I’d share it here.

    Our share of the night to bear,
    Our share of morning,
    Our blank in bliss to fill,
    Our blank in scorning.

    Hear a star and there a star,
    Some lose their way.
    Here a mist, and there a mist,
    Afterwards – day!

  10. Okay, I promise this is the last entry for the contest! ( I keep thinking of new ones! ^_^) I think because this has such a reminiscent feel to it that seems to take me back (to wherever your song is trying to go: I suppose it’s different for each person) to something with a simple beauty, which the song seems to be lamenting the loss of, paired with that dreamlike quality, my final (I swear!) entry for the contest is “dreaming in sepia”.

  11. How about, “The Count of Tuscany?” No, wait — try “Experiments in Mass Appeal.” Hmm. Strike that last one: I’ll go for “Awakening the World.”

    Never mind. I’m no good at this.

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  13. I do like to call ” the memory ” or ” the memory of you” up to you! :)