DGM – The Alliance

July 5, 2009

Today’s MSMOTD

DGM – The Alliance (from “Different Shapes”)

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Funny story about these guys.  DGM has been around for a long time, having released their first albums in the 90s as a purely instrumental band.  “DGM” are the initials of the 3 founding members, none of whom are still in the band, hahaha.  Despite this and their continually rotating lineup, they have been getting better and better, with their last two albums being really fantastic prog/power metal along the lines of Symphony X, Vanden Plas, Angra and with a touch of Pagan’s Mind.  These albums, 2007′s “Different Shapes” featuring singer Titta Tani, and 2009′s “Frame” featuring their new singer Mark Basile from Mind Key have gotten rave reviews from various metal review sites (I don’t think I’ve seen one less than 90%).  Titta is an excellent classic metal vocalist, sounding very similar to Angra and Vanden Plas’ vocalists.  Mark is a little more interesting and adds some unique character to the vocals on “Frame”, though he’s maybe not as technically proficient as Titta.  Regardless, both albums are totally kickass.

Funny how the new vocalist is totally the odd man out.  Could those sunglasses be any more horrible?  And whats with the vest?

Funny how the new vocalist is totally the odd man out. Could those sunglasses be any more horrible? And what's with the vest?

The songs featured in this post are chosen equally from their last two albums, since I couldn’t decide which one I liked more.  My favourite track is probably The Alliance, a rip-roaring example of their prog-metal chops, complete with interesting time signatures and seemingly abrupt melodic changes.  My absolute favourite moment in the track is the vocal homage to Vanden Plas at 1:12.  It makes me want to go load up Scarlet Flower Fields or something.  Anyways, killer chorus and solo section round out this killer track, one of many from “Different Shapes”.

The video below is of the single and first track Hereafter from the new “Frame” album.  It’s a full-out power metalfest, and I was sooo excited by the processed and menacing vocal intro.  Disappointingly, their new vocalist Mark Basile reverts to more standard power metal fair for the rest of the song.  However, all is not lost, as he has a great voice and the song itself is engaging and enjoyable. This song really showcases their incredible technical ability, which is supremely evident but doesn’t come at the cost of musicality.  I would love to see them play this live.  Basile, however, needs to lose those earrings.  He’s a chipped cutlass and red bandana short of being cast in Treasure Island.

(Hereafter from DGM’s 2009 album “Frame”)

The two embedded songs below are some additional examples of DGM’s awesometude.  I really can’t believe these guys are as unknown as they seem to be.  The first, Unkept Promises (from “Different Shapes”) is a great example of DGM’s mid-tempo rockers and is filled with super catchy hooks and melodies.  It was either this one or the wonderful Frontiers.  Gah.  I have such a hard time choosing the songs to post.  Anyways, a great mix of acoustic passages, chunky bridges and soaring choruses.  You’ll have this one stuck in your head for sure.

The last song, Enchancement, is from “Frame” and is a highly technical guitar extravaganza.  The first time I heard it, I sat there with my mouth agape in wonder, completely shocked that I had never heard this band before.  I love the little electronic/synth touches too, which go beyond the standard guitar-alike synth in most power/prog metal songs.  Awesome vocal harmonies and the solo section is SO GOOD.  That little electronic breakdown at 3:10-3:16 is perfection.  My only problem is with one bit of the lyrics – “I need for someone to…”?  But, they’re Italian so it’s all good.

These guys easily match the feats of fellow super-famous Italian metal band Rhapsody (of Fire), but with less cheese and a bit more muscle.  Hope you dig them and check out the other songs from these two albums!  Definitely check out other amazing tracks like the orchestrally bombastic Trapped…. in a movie and Away from “Frame” and Frontiers from “Different Shapes”.  I can’t comment on their earlier work, so if you’ve heard it and care to share, please do in the comments!

More music from DGM

DGM – Unkept Promises (from “Different Shapes”)

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DGM – Enchancement (from “Frame”)

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Official Website: http://www.myspace.com/dgmprog

Wikipedia Link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DGM_(band)

Featured Review: Craig Hartranft’s review of “Different Shapes” for dangerdog.com

Support the artist (and me!) by buying Different Shapes and Frame from Amazon.com!  Unfortunately, Amazon doesn’t seem to have mp3s for the albums or individual tracks available, and the albums are imports, so perhaps you can find them on iTunes?

9 Responses to “DGM – The Alliance”

  1. I checked out iTunes, but it (the Canadian version, at least) doesn’t seem to have either “Different Shapes” or “Frame”, which is very disappointing.
    I’ve surprisingly actually heard of DGM before, though I have never actually listened to their music. There are three tracks I found on iTunes by a band called DGM but they were pure Electronica, so maybe there are two?

    You were right, I DO have “Unkept Promises” stuck in my head, and “The Alliance” is going on my list of new favourite songs. Good choice, yet again. :)

  2. Yeah

    Someone put a lot of effort into this AMV for The Alliance. It’s actually quite good!


    And an example of their more symphonic stuff from the new album (Trapped…in a movie):


  3. Oops, that was supposed to be Yeah, it’s super catchy. “Frontiers” is another one that is stuck in my head right now. Great stuff.

    Also, you’ve heard of DGM? Get out. I am a huge metal nerd and I had never heard of them. How have you? :P

  4. 1: I liked the videos! As I was watching “Trapped…in a movie” I was slightly jealous that this very cool yet animated fighter dude gets a soundtrack for his life and I do not…

    2: Yep, I’ve heard of them! I have friends and family who are musically saturated and these band names just spill out. I’m trying to remember where I first heard of them. Possibly my uncle? But I don’t know for sure. (ha! I heard of them before you! :p)

  5. Perfect, this is EXACTLY what I was in the mood for. Thanks again for the good music!

  6. Awesome! Glad you liked it dude. I wish more people commented! I’ll have like 200 people listen to the MSMOTD and then like 2 comments. Maybe if I started offering prizes for comments or something, haha.

    Sharalee – You should play Fable. I think you’d like it!

  7. What kind of game is Fable? For which kind of console? It looks like fun!

  8. It’s an action RPG for PC and Xbox360 (I think?) where you start off as a little kid and then age. Your actions, be they good or evil, alter your appearance and the gameplay etc. You can also get married, buy houses, have kids etc. I played the first one and it was a lot of fun. Fable 2 is new. Haven’t played it yet.

  9. Thanks for the recommendation! Maybe you should offer it as a prize for people who comment. Or better yet, a CD of your music!