Mons – Last Night

June 3, 2009

Mons – Last Night

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This is a Piano piece I recorded several years ago.  It, like the other “rambles” is an unplanned, unedited live performance (as is the bulk of my piano work).  This is a quieter, slower song than the previous songs that I’ve posted – the upbeat piano piece Good Morning and synth/drum-based Ramble (which really has yet to be properly named).  I think the original title of this song was “So Emo”, hahaha.  Anyways, I don’t like to go back and alter these pieces.  To me, they are more than merely songs and melodies to be perfected.  They are snapshots of my thoughts and emotions at the time of recording.  Changing them almost seems to me like drawing mustaches on high school photos.  I sit and play, and whatever is in my mind or heart flows out.  In that way, playing the piano is meditative and cathartic to me.  The fact that people seem to enjoy listening to my musical releases (pardon the pun) is icing on the cake.  I’ve always played primarily for myself, and likely always will.

The sleepy town of Biassa, Italy.  I stayed here while exploring the Cinque Terre.

The sleepy town of Biassa, Italy. I stayed here while exploring the Cinque Terre.

I am thinking of doing a summary post at the end of each month.  Sort of a roundup of the various things I’ve posted that month to make it easy for people to catch up on things that I missed.  I am also working on organizing and presenting my own music a bit better on the site.  Perhaps with links to all of my releases on the “About Me” page, or a distinct page for my music beyond just the search results for the “Mons’ Music” category.  If you have any ideas for the site, or things you would like to see improved, let me know in the comments!

Download Mons – Last Night.mp3

Thanks for listening!

- Mons

7 Responses to “Mons – Last Night”

  1. I really really liked this one. Very contemplative and very beautiful. The ending reminded me of parts of the song you played on Sunday, and I wasn’t quite sure that that actually was the ending. Is there more to this piece?

  2. No, this like a lot of my songs was a one-off piece. I’ve never played it again, though I’m sure I may have used elements in subsequent improvisations. Is there more? Well, one might say that all of my stream-of-consciousness piano pieces are actually just one long interconnected work, detailing my own life in music. So, it’s not surprising that they may weave in and out of each other at times. :)

  3. Oh, okay, that makes sense. It’s the same way with my poetry of that kind.

    I also think having a part for just your music is a really good idea. Keeping your music mixed with other artists, though, as with the MSMOTD (what does that even stand for, lol? Mons’ Songs Make Ordinaries Think Deep, right? I knew it! :P )should stay, because for one thing your music is just as good, and for another, it’s good advertising.
    But I think there should be another page for *just* yours, too, where you expand a bit more and listeners can hear your musical “voice” in a more collective way.

  4. Beautiful, thanks :)

  5. Haha, so to slightly edit my first comment, I realized that my computer was stopping the song right at like 4:01, so I actually WASN’T hearing the ending. Anyway, listened to it all the way through. Beautiful.

  6. Haha, ok I was wondering what you meant by that. :P MSMOTD can mean whatever you want it to mean! (But it really means “Mons’ Suggested Music Of The Day”). I’ve created a separate page featuring my music. Check for the link beside “About Mons” at the top there. :D

  7. Hey Max! Thanks for stopping by. You work for ? That’s really cool! I love, even though some jerk took my name, haha. I’m “monstunes” there as well.