Mons – Ramble

May 22, 2009

Mons – Ramble (090521)

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I play my piano/keyboard every day.  I have to.  If I don’t play for a day or two, my hands start to twitch and I start playing imaginary pianos on table tops and stuff.  So, usually for at least 30 minutes a day, I’ll sit and just play whatever comes to mind.  It’s always different, usually new, and often recorded!  I record because I’ll often come up with some pretty neat melodies or ideas as I play, and by recording what I do, I can come back later and expand on the ideas, or at least not completely forget what I had done.

Chinese acrobats at the Shanghai Opera House

Chinese acrobats at the Shanghai Opera House

Most of my purely piano pieces are that I’ve posted here are of similar provenance.  I’ll sit and play, and what I record ends up being pretty decent.  I don’t only do this with piano though.  I love sitting at my keyboard and playing around with different synths and sounds.  Sometimes I’ll go to a music store and find their most expensive keyboard and just sit for 2 hours playing around with it, exploring the synths and effects.

Anyways, I think I’ll start posting more of these “Ramblings”.  Recordings of myself just going off on whatever instrument without any real editing, post-processing or structured intent.  This one was done last night and is basically a live performance, with both the synth and the drums each done in a single take.  I have a v-drum set, so that’s an actual drum performance, rather than a sequenced drum loop.  I had a lot of fun playing it, so I hope you enjoy listening to it.

You can download it here.

Leave a comment and let me know what you think!

- Mons

8 Responses to “Mons – Ramble”

  1. Looking forward to more of these :) Been following your blog since I first noticed you pimpin’ it at Shack. Good stuff and I’ve discovered some cool music here so far :)

  2. i’m glad to be seeing more of your own work here, since you are definitely at par with the other talents posted on this site. often it’s the spontaneity that sparks the greatest works, so keep it coming!
    as for the selection you chose, i liked how it starts off with a definite sense of purpose, and then the other layers of synth come in and it’s got a very dance-y type feel to it. makes me kinda think of a secret mission/dance party/great discovery or possibly all three rolled into one.

  3. Thanks guys. :) I’ll definitely be posting my new ones, and probably some older ones as well. I have a ton of this sort of thing recorded, so as long as there’s some interest, I’ll keep them coming.

  4. AH………..


  5. Yeessss. I think this is way better than the other musicians’ stuff :p Your rambling posts. You need to share them all on the network!

  6. Mons, you are sooooooooo awesome!!!

  7. I’m playing it on repeat.

  8. [...] is another very recent “Ramble” (ie: a live unplanned original performance), but unlike the last one which was synth and drums, this is done on the piano.  I think I was inspired in part by the [...]