Mons – Good Morning

May 25, 2009

Mons – Good Morning (Album Sample)

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This is another very recent “Ramble” (ie: a live unplanned original performance), but unlike the last one which was synth and drums, this is done on the piano.  I think I was inspired in part by the freshness and beauty of morning sunlight streaming through a bedroom window; the little bits of dust illuminated in the beam of light, floating softly in the air.  Sometimes I have difficulty naming my songs, but this one came easily.

Sunrise over Santorini illuminates the cliffside villages, clinging like a dusting of white frosting on the volcanic rock.

Sunrise over Santorini illuminates the cliffside villages, sprinkled like a dusting of white frosting on the volcanic rock.

You’ve probably been noticing that I’ve been accompaning the posts of my own music with fairly random pictures.  They’re all photos I’ve taken on my various trips (primarily from my trips to China and Europe/North Africa).  I received a lot of inspiration during those trips, so often the pictures are not quite as unrelated as they might seem.  Or maybe I just think they’re pretty and want to spice up the posts a bit, haha.

Let me know what you think of the music in the comments!

- Mons

6 Responses to “Mons – Good Morning”

  1. That was quite excellent, thanks!

  2. this is my morning AFTER my cup of coffee, haha :P

    But in all seriousness, I just loved this one. You captured the dust mote and sunbeam essence perfectly, as well as that sense of early morning quietness and reflection.



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  5. The flash player is b0rked, it only plays 2 seconds.

  6. Hey Max, try refreshing the page? The flash player works for me. If it still doesn’t work, you can download the track and listen that way I guess :)