Welcome to Mons’ Tunes

April 27, 2009

Latest News: The new album is now available for order via the link on the sidebar, or the album page.  You can also find samples of all the songs on the cd there, as well as the first 4 tracks in their entirety.

Mons’ Tunes is a music blog dedicated to hosting/promoting my own original music. I also regularly update the site with other artists and songs that I really enjoy.  Think of it as the official “Mons” artist page as well as a music recommendation blog.

Samples from, and information about, the brand new self-titled album (released October 31st) can be found on the album page.

You can find more of my music in the Reverbnation widget on the right hand side of the page and on the “My Music” page (which also features music not available through the widget).  Please leave comments and suggestions about the music and website (via the little speech bubble at the bottom of each post).  For past suggestions, check out the recommendation archive.  Thanks for visiting monstunes!

I’ve created a Twitter account for small updates and tidbits and such.  Follow me here: http://twitter.com/monstunes

- Mons

8 Responses to “Welcome to Mons’ Tunes”

  1. i’m liking the new graphics so far. good job, whoever’s designing them!

  2. The new graphics? Oh, the little avatars? Yes. I am personally designing little graphics for every person who comments. :D Glad you like yours!

    (actually, they are automatically generated :P )

  3. Wicked song Mons. I’m totally gonna chill to this song this summer..


  4. oops.. clicked on the wrong bubble.. i meant the “closer” song..

  5. Haha, glad you dig it Gabe. :) I’m gonna revamp the site when I get some time so that the comments aren’t so confusing (and so the site doesn’t look quite so generic).

  6. Well, I ponied up for a copy finally. I’m listening to Angelus right now, and I love how it seems to alternate between “damp” sounds and more “sharp” sounds. Very pleasing.

    Keep making cool tunes, buddy! :D

  7. Judging by the other posts, I may have posted this in the wrong thing. Oh well!

  8. Haha, it’s all good man. You can post wherever. Glad you like the album! :D