Frou Frou – Must Be Dreaming

March 29, 2009

Today’s MSMOTD is one of my favourites.  Hmm, I’ll have to be careful, lest I end up saying that every time I post a song here, diluting its power.  Regardless, this song truly is among the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard.  It is the sound of falling in love.  The sound of soaring through a limitless blue sky.

Frou Frou was a project centered around the voice of Imogen Heap and the writing of both she and Guy Sigsworth.  They released their only album – Details – in 2003, and the entire album is fantastic.  It’s been featured in several films, including Garden State.  Imogen Heap has also released several of her own solo albums (which I will post about eventually) and Guy has apparently gone on to work with Alanis Morissette  and Britney Spears on their latest albums.  As a curious aside, Frou Frou is named after “frou-frou”, a French word which imitates, and means, the rustling sound made by silk skirts.

Anyways, the best track off Details, and my favourite as described above is without a doubt “Must Be Dreaming.  Something about it just connects deep inside me, liberating some aspect of my soul and lifting me into sheer joy.

I actually discovered this song via a different video on Youtube.  There’s a community of dedicated people who spend great time and effort making “AMV” or Anime Music Videos.  Clips are taken from anime shows and put together artfully to music.  Some are really amazing, with the creators managing to choose clips which sync the characters lip movements to the music.  This one isn’t that intense, but it is visually very beautiful, with interesting editing tricks that provide visual stimulation fitting with the music. I really recommend it.  I prefer it to the official video actually.

Check out the AMV here:

Official Website:
(There are 4 more songs from Details here)

Wikipedia Entry:

Buy Frou Frou’s “Details” album from as a Physical CD or Digital Download (MP3) or just this song.


- Mons

7 Responses to “Frou Frou – Must Be Dreaming”

  1. Hi Mons! It’s Floated. I run a similar sort of thing at that you might wanna check out.

  2. I like it a lot! I’ll definitely keep an eye on the stuff you post. How do you post the music? Some sort of flash plugin that pulls from an mp3 on your server? My use of embedded youtube videos is a bit kludgy and precarious as any of these could be taken down at any time in the future.

  3. Oh, and I’ve added a link to your blog on my sidebar. Perhaps we can get some cross traffic going!

  4. I saw Imogen Heap live in a tiny club down the street from where I live now. She’s tiny, pretty, and very British. She didn’t wear shoes. There was a laptop, a keyboard, and a funky box with hundreds of metal prongs that she plucked to make sound. She looped samples and live playing to layer up the complicated melodies of her studio stuff, and it was hugely impressive to hear and watch this in real time. I think it was her first American tour, because she was nervous and talked to the crowd (who ate it all up and wanted more at the end) to build up her confidence. Utterly charming.

  5. The about page on my site explains how things work with links to the various plugins I use. If I set up a link list in the sidebar I’ll definitely add you.

  6. Awesome, thanks for the tips. I’ll probably adopt the music player, as it’s a bit more elegant than youtube links. Maybe someday I’ll even customize the template, haha.

  7. Enkidu, yeah! I really want to see her live. It sounds like such a unique experience, and few people play with their vocal performances like that in a live setting. Hopefully she releases another album soon. You guys should recommend music to me in the comments too, haha, in case you know of other similar artists to the ones I’m posting.